Casara Clark

When I was younger, I spent more time thinking about what others thought, what others might conclude — I always kept emotions and disagreements to myself naturally.  I so often vacillate between between the outgoing life of the party and the loner hanging out by the heat lamp.  I can’t tell you which one I’ll …

A Star

Is a star unique? Or one of many?   Maybe there’s just two. Maybe twenty.   Our count will just continue to expand.   But never will we compare them to the sand.

The Blue Rose

The blue rose is the only rose that cannot exist in nature.

Does wanting less make you happier?

I definitely thought it did most my life. Disappointments are tough. Wanting people to take you seriously and respect you can lead to feeling inadequate and wondering why you weren’t good enough. So my quiet voiceless persona turned inward as well. I couldn’t want anything too badly or go after anything too extensively. But I …

Who am I?

I guess I’m the girl who waits by the heat lamp for the crowd to thin before approaching anyone. Not into big crowds. And yet, so many people glance over at you when you’re the lone dot by the heat lamp. Some people chat as they pass you, “oh, that’s a good place to hang …