My High School Music Teacher

I am not a confidant singer. Not one bit.

But I do love singing. :) And I’ve had good experiences with teachers. Paul Salmonovich of St. Charles, Mr. Land (my FIRST high school music teacher, before he sadly passed away), all these teachers made me feel like I COULD sing. I just needed to feel confident enough in myself.

But after Mr. Land died, Fred became the new music teacher.

And frankly, I was thinking today of all the things I wished I’d said to him during each audition in front of him.

Each time he cut my song short or cut me off —

How about:

No, why are you cutting me off? I get a minute just like everyone else. I SHOULD get a minute just like everyone else. That was rough, I admit it. But you make me frikkin nervous and you won’t give me any room to grow!

You don’t think I have any vocal range, fine. Fine! But I have done great things under great teachers. So you want to cut me off and say you already know all there is to know about my voice, that is FINE. Just know it’s your fault. Not mine.

— Then he’d apologize, let me sing my audition piece after all…. but I’d sing “I DON’T CARE! I LOVE IT.” And then walk off. PEACE!

That would be awesome if I had done that. :/

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