My High School Dance Teacher

Yes, this is the 2nd post about a high school teacher. But this one also deserves a shout out. Because I should have stood up for myself then.

In the same musical mentioned before (another reason why I now hate MEET ME IN ST LOUIS), the best non-singing role I could get was Lucille Ballard.

But she is the object of a main character’s affection. And she gets a song dedicated to her. It’s called Banjo and the main character just sings it to her and does this weird dance and stuff.

And my dance teacher wrote me out of the dance … The dance dedicated to my character. She kept my understudy in the dance too…. Just told me to stand in the back. He would sing to me and dance with his sister instead…or my understudy.

Sometime around tech rehearsals, the director caught it. And asked why I was in the back if the song was being sung to me.

So it eventually worked out and I was moved from the back.

But the moment she tried to stage me there, I should have said, “I’m sorry, but why does that make sense? You realize I’m the subject of the song right?? If you don’t like me, you should cut the song! Not put me in the back. Bitch.”

Said it now :)

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