Casara Clark

Dancer. Dreamer. Dark chocolate enthusiast.

Casara double majored in Radio/Television/Film and Psychology at Northwestern University. She’s certified in Search and Rescue by the city of San Francisco. And she’s also a web designer, film editor, and Notary Public. She can even whip out a balloon pump and make a teddy bear at the occasional child’s birthday party.

A late bloomer to dance, she revels in making herself an example of the age-old saying, “It’s never too late…” She has studied ballet for nearly 10 years, but she didn’t begin dancing on pointe until well into her 20s. Today, she has the feet to show for it… She firmly believes that it’s our scars that make us beautiful, so she loves her messed up feet.

You might catch her in a commercial or a film. Not to mention her writing endeavors!

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