About Me

Having been raised by a Forensic Psychopathologist that interviewed 77 serial killers, my unique childhood defines my skills as a writer.

My first experience on a set was at 6 weeks old. A very agreeable baby, I was considered a commodity in the infant acting world. Several sets wanted me, thirtysomething, General Hospital, Days of Our Lives, Disneyland Park Productions… Years later, the only real difference is I have all my teeth. I’m still lovable, often smiling, and wide-eyed to the world. In other words, you’d never expect that at the age of 7, I could tell you the gory details of how John Wayne Gacy murdered his victims.

I love kittens, dancing, and dancing with kittens. While I’m a bundle of smiles and energy where ever I go, my writing is more inclined towards the darker side — always tinged with a bit of fantasy.

A Northwestern graduate, I majored in Radio/Television/Film and Psychology.  I also earned a Certificate in the Creative Writing for the Media Program. I currently study at UCB and love watching my life experience culminate into some very bizarre scenes.